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Mavic Mini - More in a Big Way

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The next product from the leading drone manufacturer is on it's way.  The Mavic Mini is right behind the Mavic Air in it's model line but takes competition to the Spark and is showing hopes to be a good drone for new or entry level drone users.  

The Mavic Mini boasts a 2.7k camera resolution in a 3 axis gimbal as it has the 2nd best eye in terms of camera and gimbal.  An impressive 4000 meters and 30 minutes lab optimum conditions flight range and flight time makes it the furthest and longest flier of the three.  Coming right at 249 grams, Mini is the lightest of the three.

The Mavic Air brings a 4k camera resolution in a 3 axis gimbal coming out with the best camera of the three.  3000 meter flight range makes it the 2nd furthest and 2nd longest flyer, but with the price now nearing a $1,000 maybe you do not want it to travel too far anyway.  430 grams makes it the heaviest of the 3 mostly due to the additional sensors and features it has over the others as the Mavic Air has the most features.

The Spark will always be our favorite, giving most current and seasoned DJI fans the experience they needed to eventually move on to the bigger birds such as those of the Phantom or Mavic series drones.  Coming with a 1080p camera on a 2 axis gimbal makes it the 3rd best camera (the standard in it's time).  3000 meter range reminds all the veterans of the time when we sent Sparky further and faster than we knew it could go and how after the sense of awe; came a chaser of anxiety and nerves as we tried to reestablish visual line of sight.  Sparky ties 2nd in distance, but has the shortest flight time.

Below is a table of how we would distribute medals, and shows some of the important information in a concise form.



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