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Open Box Treasure Box

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It is that time again to feature our Open Box and Used Returns.

We receive many questions in regards to what we have in New, Open Box, or Used items.

To answer all your inquiries we hope to direct you here for the latest new additions.

These features are updated periodically and only when we have new updates.

This Month:


For those with interest, we will update you when we have more in stock or you will see it update first thing on our website.

We do still have several units of the NEW (as well as a few Open Box/Used) Fly More Combos in stock, and only a few OPEN BOX Single Units.

We have many NEW Robomaster, Tello, FPV Goggles, Osmo Mobile 3, Osmo Pocket, Osmo Mobile 2, and Ronin SC's in stock.

We have several OPEN BOX or USED FPV Goggles, Osmo Pocket, Osmo Mobile 3, Ronin S, Ronin M, Ronin SC, Ronin S essentials, and many others.

If you have interest in an OPEN BOX or USED item, please let us know!

We Are Hiring

Open Positions: Repair Technician - Familiar with DJI, FrSky, Fat Shark , OpenTX, BetaFlight etc. Work Location: San Dimas, CA 91773Send resume with expected salary to sales@rotorlogic.com

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Mavic Mini - More in a Big Way

The next product from the leading drone manufacturer is on it's way.  The Mavic Mini is right behind the Mavic Air in it's model line but takes competition to the Spark and is showing hopes to be a good drone for new or entry level drone users.   The Mavic Mini boasts a 2.7k camera resolution in [...]

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Gift Ideas From DJI's 2019 Products!

Wow!  What a year!  Rotorlogic has had a busy year as an authorized North American Dealer of DJI products.  DJI's product line up for 2019 was awesome!We saw many new products released this year from DJI including the Osmo Action, Robomaster S1, Osmo Mobile 3 and Ronin-SC.  We are very impressed of the advancement in [...]

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DJI Ronin S Compact (SC)

Ronin-S CompactWe enjoyed the Ronin-S Essentials package, although many with Mirror-less cameras were left out of the footage reel for the most part.  Now both sides can join together on set, as DJI as released the Ronin-SC, a lightweight design and engineering similar to the Ronin-S but that supports Mirror-less cameras.  The Ronin-S Compact Gimbal uses smaller [...]

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New Osmo Pocket Accessories!

New Accessories Inbound!DJI authorized North American dealers were delighted today with the announcement of another wave of New Osmo Pocket accessories!  Three new accessories will soon be available for the Osmo Pocket following the previously released: 3.5mm Adapter, Charging Case, and ND Filters Set.  Rotorlogic is excited to soon make the DJI Osmo Pocket accessories available [...]

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Mobile Phone Gimbals

Rotorlogic is happy to offer three different models of mobile phone gimbals.Originally, our interest grew for the Osmo Mobile, out of the effective technology DJI had released for drones, combined with the interest of the public with mobile phone photography.  Once Osmo mobile joined us on the shelves and on our vacations; we became very [...]

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Congrats to Collier County Sheriff's Office!

A story of a successful search operation for an elderly man of 77 with health and mental challenges; reported missing on Tuesday April 16th, 2019.  In Florida, the man had wandered away from his residence which is in the proximity of Santa Barbara Boulevard and Golden Gate Parkway.  The Collier County Sheriffs Office (CCSO) Drone Operations [...]

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DJI Battery Health Maintenance Tips

DJI is a great manufacturer that has released so much information to help users maintain the health of their batteries.  Rotorlogic is happy to read this material and report it back to you, in a short reminder format.  The Full DJI content is linked at the bottom of the article.  The Three main concerns to [...]

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DJI or Aftermarket Batteries

We often get the question as an Authorized Dealer of DJI Products; why we do not wish to sell any other brands or manufacturer's batteries.  Many Aftermarket, Branded, or General manufacturers are out there and will constantly send emails and salesmanship.  We outline some of the reasons why we never respond in this article.  Intelligent Function [...]

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